A Brief History

A Brief History (Based on Prior Campaigns)

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*The 1st Age

  • First recorded humanoid histories (~10,000 years)
    • Vladira banished to red moon
  • The Crusade (Clemson Group)
    • Culmination of demon/devil pact
    • Removal of equilibrium pools
    • End of the 1st Age

*The 2nd Age

  • Wrath of Vladira (Clemson Group)
    • ~2-3k years since the Crusade
    • Release Vladira from moon prison
  • Reign of Vladira (Clemson Group)
    • Vladira forms new planescape away (different location)
    • Vladira returned to moon prison
  • Return of Vladira (Apex Group)
    • The Great Illithid War
      • Vladira’s illithid army defeated and portal opened to Morgoth’s demi plane (Apex Group)
      • Illithids annihilated and Vladira and Morgoth perish in battle
      • Planescape disappears from material plane access
      • End of the 2nd Age

*The 3rd Age

  • The Divine Silence (Raleigh Group)
    • ~4-5k years since the Illithid War

A Brief History

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